Who is a Soldier ?

Oct 06, 2023

The Unseen Faces of War

War is a grim reality that has plagued humanity since time immemorial. It is a harsh narrative of power, control, and destruction. But behind this narrative, there are faces, human faces, that often go unseen and unacknowledged. These are the faces of the soldiers - the fathers, sons, lovers, and sisters who are thrust into the throes of war, often against their will.

Soldier family

A Father First

When we see a soldier, we see a uniform, a weapon, a stern face. But beneath that stern face is a father. A father who has left behind his children to protect the children of others. A father who misses the first steps, the first words, and the first days of school. Every soldier is a father first, and every war robs a child of their father's presence.

Soldier father

A Son, A Lover

Every soldier is also a son, a lover. They are the ones who carry the hopes and dreams of their parents, the ones who leave behind their lovers with promises of return. The pain of separation, the uncertainty of return, the fear of the unknown - these are the burdens they bear, the sacrifices they make.

Soldier lover

A Sister, A Daughter

And let's not forget the women in uniform. They are sisters, daughters, who stand shoulder to shoulder with men, fighting the same battles, facing the same dangers. They too leave behind families, loved ones, and lives that are put on hold. The war does not discriminate; it takes away from everyone equally.

Female soldier

The Cost of War

Wars are not won or lost on the battlefield alone. They are won and lost in the hearts and minds of the people who fight them, and the people who are left behind. The cost of war is not just counted in the number of lives lost, but in the dreams shattered, the childhoods stolen, the love stories left incomplete.

War cost

Anti-War: A Plea for Peace

As we reflect on the faces of war, we must remember that every soldier is a human first. A father, a son, a lover a sister. They are not just numbers or statistics, but real people with real lives and real families. This is why we must advocate for peace, for dialogue, for understanding. Because war does not just destroy buildings and borders, it destroys lives and families.

Peace dove

Join the Campaign

Join us in our anti-war campaign. Stand with us as we advocate for peace, for understanding, for a world where fathers, sons, lovers, and sisters do not have to go to war. Stand with us as we fight not against each other, but against the idea of war itself.

Anti-war campaign